LETK is an Estonian abbreviation for South Estonian Translation Centre


South Estonian Translation Centre is an Estonian company through and through which has common ground with the entire world. We have been founded in Estonia, we operate in Tartu, but we think – we and the world. As of already 2002 we have used our works to take Estonia to the world and bring the world to Estonia. The era of Internet has allowed us to serve clients from all continents and to be helpful in the journey of Estonian companies to abroad. Tallinn and Tõrva, Meeksi and Mexico, Saku and Germany are equally important to us ...


Empathy is present in our work every moment. Our purpose is to sense the sensitive needs of the clients and subtexts related to the order. In order to produce a perfect translated text, we communicate with the client openly and always find mutually suitable solutions. Maintaining of business secrets and confidentiality of information are our elementary requirements.


Translation is what we do. We offer written and oral translations, proofreading and editing of texts as well as layout and design works. It does not matter how long or short, complex or easy the texts are – all of them are of equal importance to us. Refresher courses and various translation trainings belong to our arsenal regularly. Working as a uniform team where several people are involved in one text ensures synergy necessary for the creation of a beautiful and modern product.


Quality and world class have been the certain standards of our translations for already 14 years. We use the best resources of Tartu school of research in our activity. Our translators and interpreters are qualified specialists with long-term work experience who love their job and do it with pleasure. Our partners from all continents have been chosen carefully and have proven their good quality repeatedly. So we are able to effect any big or small translation orders of known and unknown languages.


Here you can see the main translation services that we offer.


Written translation

Translation of legal, technical, economic, medical and advertising texts.

Oral translation

Consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpretation and oral consecutive interpretation in notarial transactions.


Translation of documents

Translation of documents certified by a notary, a sworn translator or by our translation centre.


An apostille is a certificate by which the competence of the person who signed the documents is confirmed.



Correction of typing and language errors and misspellings as well as customisation of texts according to purpose.


Graphic design and layout of operating instructions, information booklets, manuals etc.


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  • Monday–Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Address: Tartu, Fortuuna 5
  • Phone: +372 5695 9632
  • Email: letk@letk.ee
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